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Post by Twinkie on Thu May 27, 2010 7:58 am

Hi guys cenxa na wala akong magawa so spam ako d2 sa forums hahaha my insomnia nanaman ako haha anyway....

You can also use this Thread to Pass time if the server is undergoing Maintenance

this thread is about yourself... answer them too so the mamaws of Vongola Ran (Challenger, Poseidon, Dosz, Yesha, Hiyaku, Henrick, and Admin Vongola ) can get to know you!


Name(Real Name):
Where you live(not full address): e.g Manila
Favorite Food:
Status: Single,Married, bf/gf
jEjEmOn or jejebuster: haha
and Any other information you would like to add is fine ^^

Ill start it off

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All about ME Empty Re: All about ME

Post by Twinkie on Thu May 27, 2010 8:21 am

Name(Real Name): Ashley Mae Bautista
Age: 20
Where you live: Dagupan City
All about ME 32202_105779099466722_100001038966635_49352_5313283_n
IGN: Twinkie`Bell[Archer], Devils`Eye[Swordsman], Devils`Fist[Brawler]
Favorite Food: Sinigang, Lobster, Noodles, and TWINKIES!
Status: Single >;]
Facebook: beat_boxer69@yahoo.com (xtra email ng ex ko yan)
jEjEmOn or jejebuster: None they both annoy me haha

Favorite Movie: Zombie Land, basta Comedy at Fight >.<
Favorite TV show: hehe Cartoons!!!
Favorite Color: Red, Pink, Cyan, and Black

I love to watch DVD's over and over again... Like Zombie Land >.<, also like to hang out with friends, SHOTS ^^ uu na bad girl ako pero my limitations dn ako hehe, Im afraid of Spiders and Balloons they pop at a random time >.<|| Im easily to get a long with but easily tamporurut pg my nagawa kang mali o idiotic, Im fun to be around with but if i focus my mind on something i just do it and dont notice any other things...

What do i look for in a friendly Relationship?
Well to be my friend just be yourself dont be anyone your not... WAG MAXADONG BASTOS,MANYAK, at MALIBOG! at pinaka the hate na ayaw ko sa mga tao is TAKING ADVANTAGE, at NGSISINUNGALING!

Well i guess thats me


hehe that is all thank you and god bless you all

<3 By your own Twinkie >.<

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